Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stuff Collected

You know that dead zone in the pacific where all the plastic goo-gaas wind up? We have one of those too; in our garage. Except instead of plastic junk, it is boxes. Lots of stuff, but mostly boxes.

Why are we keeping all those boxes? Do we really think I might return our TV we've had for over a year now? What about the scanner we've had for even longer? The Wii I got for free? Shipping boxes? Wine boxes? Boxes in boxes kept in case there is a present to wrap. All of it just put in the garage and forgotten, just in case I need it. Just in case. Maybe saving them for a rainy day.

Last weekend, I broke down all those boxes with high hopes that they would all be taken away today, our recycling day. It rained last night/early this morning and it was too wet to drag them to the curb. So, as it turns out, they were saved by a rainy day. I like the rain and all, but please don't rain next weds. I've got a dead zone to clean up.


Queen Whackamole said...

How about a fort building contest?


Kristin Anderson said...

You need to post some more Ms. A

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